Among the services OFC offer, these are included:

There no capital reserve requirements, nor nationality requirements for directors and shareholders. However, offshore finance companies cannot bear the word “ bank” in their name.

Types of Forex Companies

Offshore Banking License

Offshore banks can be set in a number of leading offshore jurisdictions that offer several advantages. Tax planning and asset protection are some of the many advantages an offshore bank license offers oppose to an onshore. Besides the offshore license allows providing onshore services to clients. There is also a wide variety of licenses, depending on the offshore financial center, and the type of clients and activities the bank is interested in performing.

Offshore Banks are formed to:

Offshore Brokerage Companies

Its main objective is to be intermediate between the buyers and the sellers, making the transaction process easier, for each party. They basically offer their clients advice, offering a wide variety of investment vehicles from which the client choose the best option. Usually brokerage companies handle two types of accounts:

Advisory account: the broker has limited decision making on his own.

Discretionary account: the broker is free to make decisions as long as they agree with the clients stated investment goals.

Brokerage companies come in different sizes, forms and offering different services. From a big firm located in major business centers, around the world; to a small office in the city. From bonds to finding suppliers for a hotel administrator.