The Co-Branded Debit Card program consists of allowing a company or organization to offer debit cards to its clients, with its company´s logo and name. This characteristic lets the costumer to see the logo or company name each time he or she uses the card. This action results in brand awareness to the client, and even to the merchant. Many experts agree that in order to obtain client loyalty, a habit has to be created through repetition and brand awareness. If the client is satisfied with the co-branded card service, it can help the company gain new clients, since there is no better advertising than mouth-to-mouth from a happy costumer.

Most cards that belong to co-branding programs can be used as a traditional credit or debit card, as paying in any place that has credit or debit card payment facilities. The main purpose of co-branding is to sway clients to prefer your company, among others.

Co-Branded card programs offer a set of advantages to costumers, including: