Vipconsultant can help you register OFC which can operate like online bank. Your New Zealand offshore financial company can provide commercial and private banking services with very little or no restrictions to a worldwide customer base except residents of New Zealand. Your New Zealand offshore finance company can offer the same services as any fully licensed bank, however the word "bank" or any word related to banking cannot be used in the entity name, alternatives such as "Credit Union" and/or "Savings & Loan" and/or “Trust” are often used.

New Zealand offshore finance company (OFC) can offer the following services and do the following activities:

When you register OFC in New Zealand there is no paid up capital required. Offshore private banks need reserve from $1 million to $30 million dollars prior to being licensed. Your New Zealand OFC does not have a capital reserve requirement.

Shareholders and Directors of New Zealand offshore finance company (OFC) can be of any nationality and reside anywhere in the world. There is only one Shareholder and one Director needed for incorporation which can be the same person.

Vipconsultant offers a complete turn-key service to start your OFC. This includes organizing your New Zealand offshore financial company, forming a holding company, providing online banking software, debit cards and wire management tools.

If you have more questions about New Zealand OFC please contact us.