The Isle of Man government and the private sector have worked together to ensure that the island has a world class infrastructure and full range of support services in place for the gaming industry. The Isle of Man Gaming Supervision Commission (GSC) founded in 1962, is a fully independent corporate body and is dedicated to the protection of players. Besides the licensing and regulation of terrestrial gaming operations such as casinos, slot machines, betting and lotteries, the Commission is also responsible for regulating online gaming activities.

The main objectives of the Commission are:

  1. To maintain the gaming industry crime free.
  2. To protect young and vulnerable players.
  3. To ensure that the services offered by licensed companies are fair and that players receive their winnings.
  4. To facilitate competition.
  5. To facilitate the provision of modern products and services.

Benefits of Isle of Man Gaming Licenses

  1. Zero tax rate for most companies.
  2. No levy on capital gains tax, inheritance tax or wealth tax.
  3. No currency controls.
  4. No political risks.
  5. Political stability.