Other benefits of Belize trusts include:

  1. There are no legal requirements to audit Belize trust accounts.
  2. An Exempt Belize Trust and its trust property is exempt from rent and professional tax, patrimony, inheritance, donation taxes and of all the transactions carried out by the trust on behalf of the trust will be exempt from fiscal tax.
  3. The trustees of an Exempt Belize Trust will be considered non residents of Belize and will be exempt from exchange control in regards to the property of the trust and the transactions carried out by the trustees on behalf of the trust.
  4. Belize trusts are normally discretional. These trusts may also be used for an automatic exchange of successor trustees and the provisions of the protector.
  5. Belize trusts are extremely flexible and can accomodate numerous clauses for property protection.
  6. The law of Belize trusts also allows for establishing private trust companies.